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FPGA Design

FPGA Design

Revision C., last modified 02/05/04

Adapticom has a long design history with all types FPGA technologies.  FPGA designs can be done in the client's choice of CAD packages (Synplicity, Mentor, Viewlogic, and Orcad are favored products) in either a flat or hierarchical configuration with a mix of VHDL, Verilog, and/or schematic based modules.  Adapticom has engineers available who specialize in FPGA / FPSOC design utilizing Actel, Altera, Xilinx FPGAs, as well as engineers that work "across brands" and are familiar with all families. 

Adapticom engineers have extensive experience resolving FPGA performance issues such as timing issues caused by high device utilization combined with high clock speeds.  Our programmers have routinely developed custom scripts to aid in regimenting design constraints, fixing module placement, analyzing routing, etc.

Adapticom provides a wide range of engineering services.  Please see our Main Page for further information

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