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MC&S Demo Case (XX7REQ3876G1) Zelio Logic 2 Smart Relay Software Loading Instructions


Note:  These instructions assume that you have downloaded and installed the “Zelio Soft 2”, version 3.1 software from the Adapticom website:

Launching either the ladder or FBD files without Zelio Soft installed will result in the files being loaded into Microsoft Access, which will not work.


Once loaded, the software must have accompanying firmware which matches the program you will load.  If the correct firmware is installed in the correct directory, you will be prompted to load new firmware and the correct version will be found automatically.  Unfortunately, the program does not tell you which version was loaded.


The following instructions details how to load the ladder logic and function block diagram software programs to the Zelio Logic 2 Smart Relay in the MC&S Demo Case.


Tab covering

programming port

Remove the tab from the Zelio relay front face with a screwdriver blade and launch the Zelio ladder logic program on your PC (MB2004PROGRAM14ladder.ZM2).


Plug the programming cable (SR2CBL01) into the programming port on the Zelio and the other end of the cable into the serial port on your PC.

3.      Turn the black selector switch knob to AUTO to activate the Zelio.

4.      The Zelio front face screen will display some parameters.  Look on the right side of the screen to determine if the unit is in either “RUN” or “STOP” mode.  It needs to be in “STOP” mode.  If it is not, then press the “MENU/OK” button and scroll down with the down arrow key to “RUN/STOP” and press the “MENU/OK” button.  Select the stop function and press “MENU/OK” button.  The front face screen should now display “STOP”.








MC&S Demo Case (XX7REQ3876G1) Zelio Logic 2 Smart Relay Software Loading Instructions (con’t)


5.      The launched ladder logic program should look like this screenshot.  Under “Transfer” in the main Toolbar, select “Transfer Program” and follow the arrow to the right to select “PC > Module” to load the program from your PC to the Zelio module.  When the loading is complete the unit will display the status on the screen.


Close out the ladder logic program and launch the function block diagram program (MB2004PROGRAM14FBD.ZM2) and it should look like this screenshot on the next page.

7.      Repeat step #5.

MC&S Demo Case (XX7REQ3876G1) Zelio Logic 2 Smart Relay Software Loading Instructions (con’t)


If both programs are loaded properly, then the MC&S Demo Case is operational and ready for functional testing so refer to “MC&S Demo Case Quick Test” document. 

If not, then please review the download procedures again and repeat steps 1 through 7.

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