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Technical Description for PCMS110-2.4a
Modified IBM Mouse Simulator

(revision "A", 06/27/02)

Part # PCMS110-2.4a refers to the 110 Volt versions of the T/L 92F7430 Power Cycling Mouse Simulator, which are created by refurbishing downlevel mouse simulators from IBM RTP.

The PCMS110-2.4a units are used as test equipment to interrupt the 110 VAC power source to computers under test via software control. Units have been retrofitted with internal components such as relays, power supplies, and microcontrollers, that are compliant with current IBM requirements. The units operate on 110 volts AC and contain a 5 VDC power supply along with circuit board and solid state relays. The device connects to a 110 VAC electrical outlet and to the "Device Under Test" via its AC supply and mouse ports.

The Units are not new and were not originally designed or manufactured by Adapticom. The microcode and its modifications contained within the Mouse Simulator have been specified by IBM.

The weight of the bare unit is between approximately 1.5 and 2.0 pounds.

front view of mouse simulator

rear view of mouse simulator

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