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Performance Trace Tools

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"REALTIME" Performance Trace Tools based on off the shelf components integrated with custom designed hardware and software. Best choice for collection of data used in Trace Driven Simulations.

This is THE technique that:
  1. Eliminates the problem of inadequate logic analyzer depth, which results in traces of insufficient length.
  2. Eliminates the need to stop the system while waiting for the analyzer to unload data.
  3. Eliminates the need to stop the clients driving the system under trace.
  4. Eliminates the need for any software modifications or "hooks", which can distort results.

Trace Tools

For those who are interested in collecting traces exceeding 4.53 billion bus transactions or utilizing software "hooks" in the operating system, click


Trace Tools

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Engineering Services

Adapticom's trace tools are made up of six basic hardware components:

  1. trace tool data probe
    trace tool data probe

  2. Realtime Data Storage Unit
    Realtime Data Storage Unit

  3. Validation Unit
  4. Intermediate Storage Unit
  5. Long-term Data Storage Unit
  6. Post Processing/Modeling Unit
Typically, some custom hardware design is involved in components one and two, while components three through six are available as "off the shelf" items. A variety of custom software programs control the whole system.

Specific trace tools are created by identifying a point within the target system from which the client would like to collect data. Through discussions with the client, a determination is made regarding what data is of interest to the client and what quantity of the data is required. This information is utilized in bandwidth calculations for the selection of a probe and subsequent downstream hardware. Once the site has been selected and the probe procured, small quantities of data can be collected as samples.

Some typical sites of interest could be:

Some typical examples of trace content from the cpu bus could be:

Some typical examples of target processors could be:

Once the probe and trace content have been selected, the bandwidth and data quantity calculations are used to select or custom design the "realtime storage unit". As in the case of probes, off the shelf storage units are used when possible; however, due to the enormous quantities and bandwidth of the data collected, special storage unit designs are sometimes required.

Either one of our standard products is used, or custom hardware is fabricated to interface between the probe and the realtime storage unit. The realtime storage unit is then connected to the intermediate-term storage unit via one of several possible high speed interfaces.

The Validation unit works in parallel with the Probe and Realtime Storage unit to collect an independent subset of samples which can be used to validate the data collected.

Depending on the specifics of an implementation, data may be transferred from the Intermediate Storage Unit to the remaining downstream hardware via ethernet or other LAN type interfaces.
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