Resume of C. McCord Troubleshooter

troubleshooter, IP Video Surveillance, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP

P.O. Box 91462, Raleigh, NC 27675
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Corporate executive with extensive technical background as an electronic / computer engineer.  Twenty one years in the computer / electronics field, eleven years as an electronic engineer, seven years in project management, and five years as a corporate executive.  Twenty year history with projects at IBM (T.J. Watson Research, Boca Raton, RTP, Guadalajara). Recent experience managing short-term, fast-paced projects as well as long term, multi-year, endeavors (tracking, projections, Gantt charts, etc. done through "Microsoft Project" and other custom tools).  Experienced with managing and participating in projects spread over wide geographic areas and time zones.  Pioneer in the use of Internet and intranet to share and archive project information. Comfortable with HTML / Web development, Microsoft Office Suite, administration of domains, etc.  Currently running small server farm of corporate and Internet servers.

Nov. 1996 to Present
Adapticom Inc.,
P.O. Box 91461 Raleigh, NC 27675-1461 919-870-0608
President of Engineering; management of Adapticom Engineering Team.



802.11b, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP

Feb. 1995 to Dec. 1996
IBM Corp., Dept. 2S9, Server Performance Analysis,
Research Triangle Park, NC.
Project Manager / Design Engineer, responsible for promoting, managing, and developing custom "deep trace" performance tools, sub-system, module, and gate level design of real time high speed (166 MHz) digital systems utilizing Actel and Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Arrays , Verilog, Vhdl, Synopsys, ModelSim, Synplicity, and Viewlogic schematic capture. Conducted Verilog/VHDL benchmarking on Actel & Xilinx FPGAs; managed Risc 6000 AIX server farm. IBM Manager: William D. Hall

802.11b, wireless VoIP, Voice over IP

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