Resume of C. McCord EMC Engineer

Compliance Testing
P.O. Box 91462, Raleigh, NC 27675
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Senior Electronic Engineer with a six year background in EMC and compliance testing.  Experienced in digital design, power supplies, FPGA design, microcontrollers, and Intel architecture.  Intimate knowledge of Deschutes, Tanner, Cascades, and Pentium Pro (P6) architecture, including "cpu bus" characteristics.  Expertise in issues such as certifications (Part 15, Part 68, etc.), EMI mitigation, pipelined synchronous designs, clock skew, ground bounce, termination and ringing control.  Experienced in the use and development of custom tools, including data collection hardware for IBM Server Performance.  Software experience with "C", Pearl, Basic and scripting in AIX/Unix/Linux and Windows environments.  Extensive experience with IBM Corp. in lab setup, R&D, debug, and development of custom test equipment.  Excellent work attitude and demeanor; many references available. 
Jan. 2000 to Present - Principal Engineer, Adapticom Inc., P.O. Box 91461 Raleigh, NC 27675-1461 919-870-0608
2004/2005: 2003 2000 - 2002   Feb. 1995 to Jan. 2000 - IBM Corp., Dept. 2S9, Server Performance Analysis, Research Triangle Park, NC.

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