C. McCord

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Revision B., last modified 02/23/05

Experience in New Product Development

BOM costing and cost reduction

Initial Electrical Design

Provided services covering all aspects of new product development, starting with the initial electrical design, done in the clients choice of CAD packages (Viewlogic and Orcad are favored products)in both flat and hierarchical configuration.

Raw PCB layout and fabrication

Provided Net2Phone with Raw PCB layout, also done in the clients choice of CAD packages (Cadence products Orcad & Allegro, along with PADs preferred). Prototype quantities of the raw card was procured in just a few days. Working prototypes, both hand built and autoplaced, were available within one week.

Prototype builds

Prototypes were built in quantities of four or five, followed by lots of ten. Once sufficient volume was achieved, secured a number of contract manufacturers that fit the client's needs.

Mechanical design

While the electrical design was ongoing, also handled the mechanical design and packaging requirements. Have numerous overseas contacts for economical plastic injection moldings.

Bill of Materials (BOM) costing and cost reduction

Analyzed the entire bill of materials and starting with the most expensive components, negotiated ever lower prices. Specialize in finding equivalent alternatives in Asia and negotiating aggressive pricing.

Certifications (Part 15, Part 68, etc.) - Mitigation work

Prior to volume production, analyzed target markets and determined the certifications required for sales in those countries. Took the product through the required certification labs and requirements. Experience in this area can amount to significant dollar savings, allowing funding to work in other product development areas.

Contract Manufacturer selection and subsequent liason mission

Matched volume and other specific needs to the right manufacturer. Drew up an RFQ, and interviewed and visited prospective manufacturers as needed.

Manufacturing Engineering

Once the volume manufacturer had been selected, met with them as required, ensured a smooth ramp up and handled all the inevitable engineering issues as they arose.

Cost reduction through further integration (FPGA's ASIC's, etc.)

Once the product enjoyed smooth production, worked with sales and production figures to determine what levels of further integration would result in a more economical product. Swept everything feasible into more highly integrated chips.

Design Re-use

Organized all BOM documentation, part numbers, schematics etc., for possible design re-use for follow-on or related products.

Version Control

During the entire process, we used IT resources to provide version control and design archival through a password protected, web based, product specific web site.

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