The Availables

AKA "Randy James and the Availables"

The "Availables" were a South Florida band operating in and around Boca Raton in the late 1980s.

The band began around soloist "Randy James", who now has a daughter, Amber Leigh, in the limelight.

Randy played solo and as part of a duo with Marilyn Max
(from the movie "Spring Break" ) around Boca and Delray. 

Sometimes Randy would be accompanied on bass by Ralph Cinelli (currently with "Riptide") rather than Marilyn.  Gradually others were added, sometimes for just a few songs per night.  Al Sofield became the predominant drummer and Detroit Dave played lead guitar with C. McCord on keyboards.  The term "Availables" came about by the band being made up of whoever was available for a particular gig.  The most common venue at this time was Fitzwilly's Pub on Dixie Highway in Boca.  However, the place was small and couldn't pay enough for all the members.  So, in order to get paid, the enterprising keyboard player searched around and negotiated a weekly gig for the band at Scarlett O'Hara's in Delray Beach.

The Availables were recorded "Live at the Phoenix" in Delray Beach in approximately 1986 and later recorded a demo package "Ramblin Around" at a Ft. Lauderdale studio.  "Ramblin Around" was copied to cassettes and subsequently keyboard was dubbed onto three cuts from "Live at the Phoenix" and those added to the back side of the cassette.

Live at the Phoenix Ramblin Around
Hey Joe
Jumpin' Jack Flash
La Grange

Honey Don't - Carl Perkins
If I Ain't Drinkin' - R. J. Weddle
Too Many Beers - R. J. Weddle
Ramblin Around - R. J. Weddle

Participants on Ramblin Around were:

Marilyn sang backup vocals on "Honey Don't" and a steel guitar player, identity currently unknown, was used on several of the cuts.  The owner of the studio also did some of the drum work on one of the cuts.

During the "Ramblin Around" period, the band was playing at Scarlett O'Hara's in Delray and opened at various outdoor venues for some larger "oldies" bands such as "The Association", "Gary Puckett and the Union Gap", and the "Atlanta Rhythm Section".

At the end of the "season" Scarlett O'Haras' wanted to cut back to a solo act to save money and Randy volunteered to accept that solo position.  This left the rest of the "Availables" with nothing to do, so the enterprising keyboard player negotiated a deal at Fitzwilly's Pub for the band without Randy.  Since the "Availables" was sort of a Randy name, it didn't seem right to use that name, so the new band became the "Unavailables".

At this time Michael Kennedy joined the band to sing lead vocals.  Michael had been a "sometimes" available in the past as a vocalist and had been working on his guitar playing to the point where he could play rhythm in the Unavailables and participate in some dual leads with Detroit Dave.  With Michael in the band "Can't You See", "Redneck Friend", and "James Dean" became audience favorites and managed to line cars up and down Dixie Highway to crowd into the pub.

Initially bass guitar was played by Andy Jack, a wonderful British Import who got the band hooked on playing the Moody Blues tune, "Story in your Eyes".  Later, Ralph Cinelli came back into the picture as the bassist and vocalist on "Summer In the City", "Nobody But Me", and others.  The Unavailables continued the practice of encouraging audience members, both amateur and professional to sit in and that has carried through to their present once per year gigs.