What to Bring Camping - Alternate Strategies

What you bring and how you bring it depends on your goals for your Cub.  Two popular strategies are detailed herein:

1. For those who don't want to plan and just get things together quickly, go down the list of gear (attached) and throw it all in the vehicle, along with a wheel barrow or a wagon and when you get to the site, cart it all to the camp ground.

2. For those that want to get their cubs introduced to backpacking, procure a backpack for each of you, along with any gear on the list that you don't have.  Fill the back pack from an "A" list of the most essential things and carry them to the site as if it were a long backpacking trip (as opposed to 75-150 yards).  Then, from the "B" list, pack a "backup" duffel bag of "might need items", along with other large items that aren't practical for the backpacking.  L:eave the "might need" items in your vehicle; to be retrieved as required.  This gets the Cubs in the habit of carrying their own gear and planning what they need.  If they plan wrong, the penalty is not too high, just a trip back to the truck.  

Below are the "A" and "B" lists, there is another at http://www.adapticom1.net/pack334/Camping_Check_List.html

"A" list, carry in with backpacks:

"B" List