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Last modified 03/31/98.

what type of instrumentation are you looking for?
As far as instrumentation goes, I am looking for Lead Guitar, Lead Vocalist, Bassist, Percussionist, Rythym Guitar. I am looking to integrate them into the band in the order listed above.
what do you play? I play keyboards and some guitar.
My favorite keyboard setup (when room allows) utilizes a Vox Super Continental organ as the bottom two manuals, and keyboard stand. A Kawai K1 sits on top of the Vox and becomes the third manual. The keyboards along with the outputs of various midi controlled synth modules are amplified through two Leslie 147 rotating speaker cabinets and the main P.A.
where do you rehearse?
We don't! We identify a short list of target songs. Each member learns/reviews them on his own until everyone has them down. We then show up for the gig and play. Sound implausible? I (and others) have been doing it for years.
where are you planning to play?
The playing engagements will target a 9 month cycle, with each cycle culminating in a medium to large (150-500 people) private party. Initially we will play some small private parties organized by us. Rented/borrowed room, P.A. setup early with good tunes, wives take care of food/refreshments, friends are invited. After a few of these, then a local club date a month. For the grand finale at the end of 9 months, we will plan a large party (outdoors when weather permits), probably in support of a charity. After this we start all over and do it again with revised/improved sets.
If you are interested in participating, please send e-mail with details regarding what instruments you play, vocal ability, years of experience, how recently you have played in public, etc.

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