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While there are several varieties of programmable logic (as shown immediately below), the focus here is on the FPGA.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays are integrated circuits or "chips" that can be configured in the "field". The term FPSOC refers to "Field Programmable System On Chip", and is used to describe FPGAs that have grown to sufficient size as to allow for the placement of a whole "system" on the chip. The system may come as a hard "core" placed on each device, which takes up space and resources whether used or not, or soft cores that can be optionally added.
For more FPSOC information, go to: http://www.fpgajournal.com/articles/embedded.htm

FPGAs are often categorized further by their required programming techniques:

A variety of tools, Verilog, VHDL, schematic capture, etc., are typically used to create the design. Vendor specific tools are then utilized to place and route the design and target a particular device.

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