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My favorite keyboard setup (when room allows) utilizes a Vox Super Continental

organ as the bottom two manuals, and keyboard stand. A Kawai K1

sits on top of the Vox and becomes the third manual. The keyboards along with the outputs of various midi controlled synth modules are amplified through two Leslie 147 rotating speaker cabinets and the main P.A.

The mono output of the Vox, along with the right and left audio outs of the Kawai are fed into a Yamaha eight channel keyboard mixer. The two effects sends of the mixer are used as stereo outputs to drive two Leslie 147's which are placed at the far sides of the stage under the main PA speakers.

The Midi out from the Kawai is merged to a Roland AX1 controller (portable strap on),

and used to drive an EMU Vintage Keys synth module. The stereo outs from the EMU can also be fed into the Yamaha mixer. The Main outputs from the Yamaha keyboard mixer are then sent to the Main PA mixer. In this manner, all keyboard outputs can be mixed between the Leslies and the main PA. As an alternative the EMU outputs can be sent directly to the main PA, leaving only the audio outs from the Vox and the Kawai to drive the Leslies. In this setup, the main right and left from the Yamaha keyboard mixer is used to drive the Leslies, freeing up the effect loops to be used for keyboard effects. For instance, a mild distortion unit can be used to pre-burn the leslies. The end result of this setup is the closest thing I have found to carting a Hammond B3 onto the stage. One can have all the best classic sounds along with the latest synth patches as well.

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