I am currently - putting together/seeking members for - a band that plays together approx once per month, with a large concert/party planned for once every 9 months. I am looking for five or so individuals who, like myself, are too busy to participate in a band that plays weekly, but do not want to get out of music completely. I sort of compare this to a softball league; some guys spend their spare time playing on a softball team. They practice; they play games; the family comes to watch; it's a good time. The difference here is that we will be competing with professionals (or at least people who think they're pros), and some care will have to be taken to select venues which are suitable for the family.
The following is a list of characteristics for prospective members:


Ex-Rockers, over 30

Married, with children

Blues, southern rock, musical taste
(see prospective set list)



Must have significant previous experience (at least 3+ yrs.)

Must NOT need or expect any income from band

Must be able to SPEND money on the band

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