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Adapticom, Inc.

In February the spotlight was on our "Green Energy" system, which allows participants to incrementally wean themselves away from grid-based power toward other alternatives.  After implementation, subsequent costs for enhancements are borne by, or supplemented by, power bill savings, thus allowing for continuing system upgrades at no cost to the user.

In March our focus will be on Corporate Emergency and Disaster Planning / Preparedness , and Adapticom advance services to mitigate such events.

We continue our wireless activities which are centered around multi-mode systems using Cellular GSM and CDMA, along with mesh in the 900 MHz ISM band, Iridium satellite, & Bluetooth.  We've also been involved with generating similar functionality utilizing custom applications on Android phones, such as the Motorola "Droid2".

Adapticom Inc. is an engineering firm based in the Raleigh, Durham, RTP area of North Carolina, offering product development in the form of engineering services, prototyping, software development, mechanical design, electronic design, electrical design, embedded systems, firmware design.

Adapticom's principal location is in Raleigh, North Carolina. Core services include:

Software Development

Embedded Firmware

Mechanical Design

Electrical Design

New Product Development and Engineering Services

FPGA Design

Video Surveillance

Schematic Capture / PCB design

Prototypes, Sample & Demo Cases

New Product Development

Adapticom services Raleigh, Durham, RTP, and Chapel Hill North Carolina, as well as the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Other Adapticom services include System Configuration, Rework, & Problem Resolution, Infrastructure Consulting, "design for security", offshore outsourcing, product certification, prototyping, high speed digital logic, mitigation of emitted radiation, and BOM cost optimization, mechanical and electrical design, as well as a monthly newsletter.

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Video Surveillance

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