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802.11b - Wireless

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802.11b Characteristics

802.11b Operational Modes

  1. Ad-hoc mode (devices talk directly to one another without an access point)
  2. infrastructure mode (requires an access point)
      Access Point Types:
    1. Bridge (bi-directional connection to a wired network)
    2. NAT router type (uni-directional, routes traffic only to a wired network)
    3. hybrid NAT router + Bridge ( bridges wired and wireless networks, routing them both to the internet using a single IP address)

802.11b Speed

802.11b Security via WEP

WEP security Flaws:

802.11b protocol:

802.11b chipset offerings:

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AtmelŪ Corporation
Three wireless parts make up their Fast-VirtualNet™ family of single chip baseband Media Access Controllers (MAC).

The family supports three popular system interfaces: PCMCIA or Compact Flash (AT76C504), USB (AT76C505), and PCI or mini-PCI (AT76C506).

Atheros Communication

The AR5001X Combo WLAN Solution supports three generations of WAN standards and contains three CMOS low-power chips:

AMD 802.11b Report

Envara 802.11b Report

Maxim 802.11b Report

Synad 802.11b Report

Other 802.11b documents:

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