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Envera 802.11b chipset offerings

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In July of 2002 Envera Corporation introduced its WiND™ wireless chipset design, intended to operate in the 5GHz band, and also offer compatibility with 2.4GHz, (Wi-Fi) wireless LAN devices, compliant with the IEEE 802.11b standard .

The WiND™ dual mode IEEE 802.11a+b chipset contains two chips, an integrated baseband chip with built-in MAC and dual IEEE 802.11a+b modem functionality, and a low cost RF chip with a highly integrated dual band 2.4 and 5GHz implementation.

The chipsets are scheduled to begin sampling in 4Q2002, with a targe price of under $30 in quantities of 100K units and more. However, single mode 5GHz chipsets should be available sooner and be accompanied by reference designs for dual mode wireless LAN products or customers with aggressive devlopment schedules.

The dual-mode IEEE 802.11a+b integrated WiND™chipset design provides an upgrade path from 2.4GHz wireless networking into the 5GHz band. The WiND™ chipset design will include enhanced Media Access Control (MAC) features providing

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