Adapticom offers designs utilizing the SiLabs Si3220 / 25 Dual ProSLIC™

Si3220 / 25 Product Description:

The Dual ProSLIC is a low power CMOS solution that integrates two SLICs and two codecs into a tiny footprint to provide a small and low cost dual-channel analog telephone interface. Fully programmable parameters allow global compliance using a single hardware solution and on-chip functions such as DTMF generation/decoding, FSK caller ID generation, and modem tone detection help eliminate external DSP requirements. Integrated test and line monitoring allows remote subscriber loop and line card diagnostics without centralized test equipment. The Si3220 provides programmable internal ringing generation for space-constrained CPE applications, and the Si3225 includes internal ringing relay drivers and ring trip detection to minimize external components in traditional access applications. The Si3220 and Si3225 operate from a single 3.3 V or 5 V supply and interface directly to standard PCM/SPI or GCI digital interfaces; all high voltage functions are performed using the Si3200 linefeed interface IC. The Si3220 and Si3225 are packaged in a 64-pin TQFP, and the Si3200 is packaged in a thermally-enhanced 16-pin SOIC.

Si3220 / 25 Features:


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