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As a Boy Scout and now as a Scout Leader I have slept in innumerable locations that made for an uncomfortable night's sleep.  However, these uncomfortable nights were typically not ones spent on the forest floor, but rather as a guest on someone's sleeper sofa or fold-out-couch.

Call it what you want, "hide a bed", "sleeper sofa", or "fold out couch", these contraptions seem to be required torture devices in any home.  As a result, when we had company on the way for a visit during which adults would be using our fold-out-couch, I set about to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for our guests.

Initially, we reviewed the "bed board" option in which some type of stiffening device is placed under the mattress to protect the sleeper from the horizontal frame bars of the fold-out-couch.  However, this option was quickly discarded placing the hide-a-bed mattress on the floor and giving it a quick test provided us with the evidence that what we really needed was a better mattress.   At the same time, it would be really great to have a full size mattress so our guests would have maximum comfort and we could use standard sheets and bedding linens.  Obviously, this was not a viable concept because there would be no way to fold up the "sleeper sofa" with this gigantic mattress in place.

After searching a variety of sources, we found that the best mattress for the "sleeper sofa" / "fold out couch" / "hide a bed" came in the form of a combination mattress which fit the form factor of our original "sleeper sofa" mattress, but utilized the advanced features of "air bed" technology to increase the mattress in thickness to that of a normal sized mattress.

A quick review of sources for such a mattress leads one to the AirDream  mattress, which can be purchased at, 1-877-528-0662.  The beauty of this particular mattress (aside from its attractive price of $299- $349) is the added benefit of the "air over coil" technology, which provides the sleeper with an ergonomic, weight-distributed sleep surface.

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The practicality of the "inflatable" approach is enhanced by the ability to fill the
Sleeper-Sofa-mattress with air in only 25 seconds.  The small, easy-to-use pump sleeper sofa mattress pump , minimizes the effort to inflate the bed.  The design of the "air input port" sleeper sofa input port also aids in the ease of inflation.

It makes a lot of sense. When one goes camping an air mattress is often used to make sleeping more comfortable. Why would you settle for less indoors? Using an airbed as an integral part of the mattress is just a great idea!, 1-877-528-0662
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