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C. McCord Resume Guide

C. McCord 2010 Resume

Prepper Communications, Survival Communications Packages

Product Development Newsletter

Product Development Y1

Product Development M1

Product Development Y1

Microwave transmission designs (modems, multiplexers, demodulators, interpolation filters, Farrow structures, etc.) implemented in VHDL and Verilog targeting FPGAs.

Adapticom Product Development


Adapticom FPGA Design Skills

Zelio Programming Instructions, print friendly

Adapticom Web Hosting

Detroit Dave joins the Steel Pony Band The Unavailables - Blues and Rock Music

Molly McCord - A Not-For-Profit service project capitalizing on the running skills of Molly McCord.

Steel Pony Band

Electronic Engineering, Raleigh, Durham, RTP, & Chapel Hill

Electronic Design, Raleigh, Durham, RTP, & Chapel Hill

Adapticom Engineering

Adapticom Engineering Services

Adapticom Core Competencies

McCord resume page 2

McCord resume page 3

Adapticom Detail of Services for IBM and other large companies

Zelio Programming Instructions

Building Compliance - Abandoned Cable

Adapticom Detail of Services

VMV Tool, Failed Quality Audit, Part1 Additional Info

EMC Compliance

Candles - Troutman - Mercantile

Composite Resume

Aerobic and Cardiac Conditioning Project

Schneider / Square D Parts commonly used in designs and products for Adapticom customers

St. Timothy's Trunk Show

Access to US Markets

Phone Directory

Technical Education

Deer Repellent - Zero Deer, a natural repellent

New Jersey New Product Development for Net2Phone (Aplio, Yap Jack Plus, Yap Jack Pro)

Professional troubleshooter specializing in computers, networks, and industrial controls Well developed skills for both electronic and mechanical issues. Senior Electronic Engineer specializing in trouble shooting and debug at both the project and system levels for servers, workstations, personal computers, and networks. Experienced with FPGA security issues: bitstream security, encryption, configuration corruption, data separation, TMR, microprobing, Focused ION Beam workstations, EBT, Electron Beam Testers, decapping, power analysis, Lithium Niobate, data remanence, SEU & SEL.

Text Only version of

Digital Video Surveillance - Loss Prevention April 13 Break-in & Robbery - Detected & Recorded on AdaptiCAM System

Directory Listing of

Deer Feeder

Deer Feeders

Deer Feeder Installation Instructions

Directory Listing of Adapticom.US

Engineering Services Links

USAsia Host - Marketing from Asia to the U.S. - Adapticom Opens US Markets to Asia

New Product Development - How To

FPGA Technology in New Product Development

Best Airbed New Product Development information from Best Airbed -

New Product Development information, Best Deer Feeder Best Deer Feeder -

New Product Development information from NC Kitchens -

Adapticom Inc., Pricing & Hourly Rates Pricing, Travel & Hourly Rates

New Product Development information from Molly Maid -

Bella Cavalli Farms - Beautiful Horses

Bella Cavalli Farms - Beautiful Horses

New Product Development information http://www.New-Product-Development.US

New Product Development, Set Starter

Defense Education for Women - North America DEWNA

New Product Development, Best Blow Dryer

Defense Education for Women - North Carolina DEWNC

Nipp Foods, IP Video Surveillance New Product Development information Nipp Foods, IP Video Surveillance -

Defense Education for Women - Illinois DEWILL

Raleigh / RTP Engineering http://www.Adapticom.US/Raleigh-RTP-Engineering.html Raleigh/RTP Engineering firm providing contract services.

Home - Office - Networking, SOHO http://www.Adapticom.US/networking/Home-Office-Networking.html Networking Services for small to medium sized business, as well as inidividuals desiring a "well networked" SOHO (Small Office/Home Office).

AirBed Systems Air Bed / Airbed Systems and supplies.

New Product Development, US http://www.New-Product-Development.US New Product Development in the US

Design Security Design Security: How to secure your design

Adapticom US Adapticom, Inc. in the United States

Molly Maid of North Raleigh Molly Maid of North Raleigh

Air Bed Information Air Bed Information

Airbed Information AirBed Information

Design For Security Design For Security (DFS): Efficient "design for security" techniques that also lower costs.

Design Security Design Security

Resume featuring Troubleshooting - Digital Logic - Mechanical Design - Electrical Design - VoIP systems - IP Video Surveillance Blowers - Inflators

Resume featuring Trouble shooting - Digital Logic - Mechanical Design - Electrical Design - VoIP systems - IP Video Surveillance

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